Thomas Finch

Trained at:

Arts Educational Schools – Acting

University of East Anglia – French BA (Hons)

Represented by:

Brown, Simcocks & Andrews



“This delightfully quirky scene from Nick Payne’s Incognito is perfectly played out by Thomas Finch as James and Kathryn Hopkinson as Patricia. James’ ostensibly staid demeanour is a cover for his nervousness, which Finch underplays to perfection opposite Patricia’s frantic verbal meltdown.” – Paul Vale for The Stage

“Both Lilac Yosiphon and Thomas Finch have superb projection, an easy going and relaxed acting style-and neither is afraid to break the fourth wall to talk to their audience at certain moments. Both performances are sincere, honest and truthful.”  – David Rumelle for Remote Goat

Narrative voice reel:


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